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Why is Mold a Threat to My Home?

2/16/2021 (Permalink)

lab with a servpro bandana They say I can sniff out mold in a Hockessin home--and then remediate the damage

Is There a Problem Other Than Making My Hockessin Home Look Bad?

Active mold spores can quickly spread in attics and behind walls. Given enough time and water, mold colonies can grow through an entire home.

So why SERVPRO for mold removal in Hockessin? Rapid remediation is the best method to stop the threat and reduce damage. Our teams can quickly remove visible mold with chemical cleaners, and dry sponges or cloths.

What If the Mold Penetrated Wall or Roof Supports?

When the mold has time to dig into wall framing or other support assemblies, our specialists have several options to remove it without compromising a home’s structural integrity, it at all possible.

  • Hand-Sanding – Team members use sandpaper to attack small spots of mold that just penetrated the surface.
  • Power-Sanding – Specialists use power sanders to remove multiple layers of wood so they can vacuum the spores and wood dust into sealed bags for disposal.
  • Soda-Blasting – SERVPRO technicians use this device when hyphae deeply penetrated support structures. The soda does little damage and allows us to preserve even the most affected wood to reduce costs. 
  • Applying an antimicrobial product to the treated area

For efficient mold remediation, call SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere today at (302) 992-0104.

Does a Fire Mean Replace All Damaged Property?

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

yellow lab in servpro gear Yes, I am the crew chief for SERVPRO fire damage restoration in Wilmington

Can a Wilmington Residence Be Restored After Severe Damage? 

Thanks to smoke alarms, most home fires are put out quickly with minimal damage. With some fast-burning fires, however, there is often an excessive amount of damage before the fire department can extinguish them. 

Wilmington fire damage response needs to be as quick as the fire itself. Upon arrival, SERVPRO technicians perform a fast inspection to determine what can be cleaned or repaired, and what must be removed immediately for disposal.

Eliminating Threats to Area Homes

After stopping a fire, soot and burned property can still cause damage:

  • Soot, if left on surfaces, can pit and otherwise scar surfaces. Technicians use an extensive inventory of cleaning agents that not only eliminate the physical threat but also remove the odors that these particles generate which can spread through the home farther than the fire itself.
  • Burned items like carpets and furniture also generate odors and can be especially pungent. Team members immediately remove them and set up fans to circulate the air to clear lingering odors. 

To begin fire damage restoration, contact SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere at (302) 992-0104 today.

Do Water and Water Incidents Shape Wilmington?

2/2/2021 (Permalink)

green servpro logo on canvas bags Pack up your SERVPRO bags take a vacation and let our team restore your water damaged Wilmington home.

When You Need to Choose from Water Restoration Companies, Select SERVPRO

Water and the topography around Wilmington have shaped the development of our city since the very beginning. Our city rests directly on the fall line which divides the hilly areas of the west from the coastal plains in the east.

From the Marshlands to Market Street

Market Street is a perfect example of it. To the east of it are the low lying marshy areas that line both sides of the Christina River. On the west side, the land quickly rises to a high point and designates the watershed of the Christina and Brandywine Rivers. This line runs west and parallels Delaware Avenue from 10th and Market. This higher area is healthier than the coastal plain and marshes, so it was much more attractive when the first residents began building Quaker Hill in the mid-1700s.

Early Days – Foundation and Development

Four different countries established colonies on what is now Wilmington.

  • Sweden and Finland – Their agent, Thomas Willing was the developer who planned the first colony in 1638 and named it Willington after himself.
  • The Netherlands – The Dutch took control of the area in 1655 but made no significant improvements before handing everything over to the British
  • United Kingdom – After languishing for a time, George II granted the struggling colony a borough charter in 1739. This changed the name to Wilmington for Spencer Compton, the Earl of Wilmington, and helped to increase commerce and growth. 

Development, Growth … and More Growth

Wilmington continued to prosper before and after the War of Independence. No major battles were fought here, so there was no accompanying despoiling of the area either. Farming and shipping greatly expanded to serve the new country. In 1837, the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad set up shop which introduced new industries to Wilmington and helped quickly bring in new workers and their families. This included shipbuilding and by 1868, Wilmington was the largest builder of warships in the U.S.

Modern Times and Modern Industries

Today, Wilmington does not lead in shipbuilding, but the city is still a hub for national and international commerce. Throughout the 1980s, the state passed laws friendly to bringing in financial agencies and set-up their corporate headquarters. Our city is now known as the home of such institutions like Bank of America, Barclays, Capital One, and Chase Bank.

Water Restoration Requirements Today

Water still directs our actions, regardless if it is storm run-off or the failure of a sprinkler system that sends hundreds of gallons throughout a business closed for the weekend. SERVPRO specialists have access to an extensive inventory of cleaners and equipment to quickly handle these issues:

  • Remove standing water inside the home
  • Dry carpets and draw water out of wood floors
  • Eliminate the musty odors water generates
  • Draw water out of building material such as wall and ceiling panels
  • Replace damaged items like floor trim 

When you need water restoration, call SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere today at (302) 992-0104. We are here for you. 

Learn to Paint with Oils Virtually – Hockessin

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. If your home or business has gotten water damage, you need to make sure you hire the right company. SERVPRO has the technicians and experience.

Take Up a New Hobby in Hockessin

Winter and the current health restrictions make it a great time to take up a new hobby. The Art Studio in nearby Wilmington is running a series of virtual art classes for anyone interested in trying artistic challenges for something to do.  For example, there is a virtual zoom class for oil painting running from Feb 5th through Feb 27th, 2021.

Details are as follows:

  • Virtual Zoom Class
  • Fridays 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Instructor – Jennifer Hintz Eggers

This is a great opportunity to learn about the basics of painting with oil paints. They cover techniques for painting still life, landscapes and abstracts. A list of required materials and zoom meeting details will be sent out prior to the first meeting. Participants are expected to purchase their own materials. Learning to paint with oils is a great way to explore your artistic side and learn a new skill all from the comfort of your home.

SERVPRO of Hockessin/Elsmere provides water removal assistance to Hockessin residential and retail/business commercial companies and surrounding areas. Call (302) 992-0104. Our SERVPRO team is ready to respond 24/7 to help with all your water damage needs.

Wilmington DelArt Book Club Meeting

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. Fire restoration is no DIY project. The professionals at SERVPRO have IICRC certified technicians and know how for the job. No matter the size.

Review Books About the Wilmington DelArt Museums Collections

The Delaware Art Museum, DelArt, is holding a virtual DelArt Readers book club meeting on Jan 28th, 2021, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. This get-together is free for members and non-members. Registration is required, and all meeting information via Zoom coordinates will be provided once participants have signed up.

The group meets monthly. Members are from the community. They discuss fiction and non-fiction books, their merits and messages, and celebrate outstanding quality works. Selections are based on meeting three criteria:

  • Focused on art
  • The artists
  • The artistic process

Books that encompass the museum's collections or exhibits are preferred. Many of our participants enjoy the sense of community, conversation, and connections with each other during these stimulating evenings. The titles can be purchased at the Museum Store approximately one month before discussing and reviewing them. Copies and also be pre-ordered.

SERVPRO of Hockessin/Elsmere provides fire damage restoration assistance to Wilmington residential and retail/business commercial companies and surrounding areas. Call (302) 992-0104. Our SERVPRO team is ready to respond 24/7 to help with all your fire damage restoration needs.

Steeped in History, Swedish, Dutch and English Settlers Populated Wilmington

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck getting unloaded at a job. Great flood damage assistance is hard to find. Call the professionals at SERVPRO with their IICRC certified technicians and updated equipment.

Enjoy Many Indoor and Outdoor Activities in Wilmington

The first Swedish settlements in North America, Kristinehamn, Timmerön / Timber Island Sidoland (South Wellington), Strandviken, and Översidolandet, are now encompassed by the city of Wilmington. Settlers arrived initially in 1638 and built Fort Christina. Initially, under Swedish rule, the Dutch captured the fort in 1655, later to be overtaken by the British in 1664. In 1739, the name was again changed from Willington to Wilmington to commemorate the Earl of Wilmington.

Wilmington provided ships, railroad cars, shoes, and many other war-related goods during the civil war. One of the significant supplies included gunpowder, manufactured at a plant on the Brandywine River by Eleuthère Irénée du Pont, who later became a powerful industrialist. The city benefitted from the civil war and later both world wars with shipyards, machinery, and chemical producers. Many other products were also produced, creating a massive demand for workers and driving growth in the region. Currently, the city has evolved to focus on international and national banks and credit card operations as the primary employment source. Wilmington is also close to Philadelphia, which provides many job opportunities and entertainment venues for residents.

Local Venues to Visit in Wilmington and Surrounding Area

Whether you enjoy outdoor activities, visiting homes or museums with a long history in the past, or enjoying local restaurants and sports, there is something for everyone. The city has designated nine areas as historic districts and one as a conservation district. The following is a list of exciting places that locals and tourists enjoy:

  • Nemours Estate
  • Hagley Museum and Library
  • Wilmington River Walk
  • Wilmington and Western Railroad
  • Grand Opera House
  • Delaware Children's Museum
  • Delaware Art Museum
  • Frawley Stadium
  • Bellevue State Park
  • Brandywine Creek State Park
  • The Queen

Nemours Estate

The estate was designed and built as a gift to Alfred DuPont's second wife, Alicia. It encompassed 3000 acres with a home that followed an 18th century French Style. The estate house was constructed with all of the latest modern technology available and a number of his inventions. This home was one of the grandest homes in the area. DuPont added extensive gardens, including a large reflecting pool and several scenic paths connecting various property areas.

Visitors can explore the home and the grounds following self-guided tours. They can also join regularly scheduled tours to learn intimate details about the DuPont family's life and times. Call ahead for scheduled tours and visiting hours.

Wilmington River Walk

The Wilmington River Walk runs from Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park to the Shipyard Shops and extends to the DuPont Environmental Education Center. The walkway extends for 1.3 miles, with many sitting areas to enjoy the natural beauty of the trees, shrubs, and grasses along the Christina River. There are also numerous restaurants offering fresh seafood, delicious meals, all with a great view of the boardwalk and the river.

Delaware Children's Museum

The museum's excellent family attractions encourage imaginative minds to learn through play and experience math, science, and technology. Over 37,000 square feet of interactive activities will entertain the entire family and have some fun away from everyday life's hustle and bustle. There are a variety of exhibits for various age groups, including:

  • 30-foot climbing walls – learning to climb up and down
  • The structure exhibit – learn about components and careers in architecture
  • The Power of Me – how does my bodywork
  • Bank on it – learn money management skills
  • Training Wheels – transportation themed

Call ahead for opening hours and event schedules.

The Brandywine Creek State Park

The park covers 1,100 acres of forests and meadows with miles of trails for hiking and cycling. A portion of the park was originally part of the DuPont Family estate. There is an 18-hole golf course, as well as a 5k cross country course. During the warmer month's visitors can canoe or go tubing along the Brandywine River. Locals enjoy the autumn colors, sledding in the winter, bird watching, and relaxing walks along the many trails. 

The Brandywine Creek park has 14 miles of hiking trails with mixed difficulty. Some are paved, while others are rustic or rough. Popular trails include the 

  • Brandywine Creek river loop, considered moderate difficulty and 7.7 km long
  • Rocky Run Loop is also regarded as moderate and 5.1 km long.
  • Indian Springs Trail is thought to be moderate at 3.7 km long.
  • Woodlawn trail considered moderate at 15.9 km long.
  • Brandywine Creek Loop considered moderate at 18.8 km long and 
  • Five additional routes, all considered comfortable of varying lengths.

Bikes are permitted on some trails; hunting is not allowed, while fishing is approved with a fishing license. Maps can be obtained online or at the park to help visitors explore the park. The park is open from March through November.

SERVPRO Can Martial Resources to Respond to Flood Damage in Wilmington

Floodwaters can materialize in minutes, causing extensive damage, leaving destroyed homes and businesses with debris, chemical, and biological contamination. Often there is no warning, and many people barely escape with their lives. 

Our highly trained technicians have the equipment, experience, and knowledge to respond to these catastrophic events. We provide:

  • Board up services
  • Emergency power
  • Removal of debris, chemical, and biological waste
  • Water removal, cleaning, and drying of structures and contents
  • Reconstruction and restoration services

SERVPRO has been providing service to the area since 1990. Our franchise has assisted other franchises and clients in their time of need. Likewise, should there be a sizable catastrophic flood in our area, our sister franchises would provide help in return. Our clients can depend on us to marshal the resources required to respond to any size of flood disaster. Our team is onsite within four hours of the initial call to assess the situation and coordinate a response.

SERVPRO of Hockessin/Elsmere provides flood damage assistance to Wilmington residential and retail/business commercial companies and surrounding areas. Call (302) 992-0104. Our SERVPRO team is ready to respond 24/7 to help with all your flood damage needs.

Full Moon Hike at the Bellevue State Park in Wilmington

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

cartoon family hiking SERVPRO Says--Take a Hike while we restore your water damaged home in Wilmington.

Enjoy a Special Moonlit Night-Time Hike in Wilmington

Taking hikes in parks, open country, or the woods is an exciting way to spend time outdoors. One conventional aspect of hiking is that it is a daytime activity. However, you have a chance to change that by participating in a nighttime hike at the Bellevue State Park in Wilmington. The event gives participants a chance to view the dazzling beauty of the moon as it comes out once the sun goes down.  The event is held at various times in the last four months of the year when people enjoy the Corn Moon, Hunter Moon, Beaver Moon, and Cold Moon in December.

When planning for the event, take note that:

  • The event is scheduled for December 30, 2020, starting from 6 PM
  • Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis since spaces are limited
  • The start point is provided after registration
  • The hike can be canceled due to weather

SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere helps Wilmington property owners perform water mitigation when their residences are affected. Call us at (302) 992-0104.

Learning the Language of Flowers for Better Gardening in Hockessin

12/7/2020 (Permalink)

pollination cycle with bees Your Hockessin Home Needs No Storm Water like Plants Do! Contact SERVPRO for flood removal!

A Deeper Look at Pollination Ecology for Hockessin Gardeners

You probably love flowers because of their sweet scent or dazzling colors. However, if you have a garden in Hockessin, you should probably take time to learn the intriguing processes involved in their development. One of the aspects often trivialized is the process of getting pollen from one plant to another. However, close examination reveals that it takes a complex process with bribery, duplicity, and even thievery. You can learn more about this by participating in an online event dubbed Language of Flowers: Pollination Ecology for Gardeners.

While preparing to participate, you should note that:

  • The event is hosted at Mt Cuba Center, a botanical garden on Barley Mill Road that focuses on native plants and ecosystems
  • The event is scheduled for Saturday 12th December 2020, starting at 10 AM and ends at 11:30 AM
  • The host is Rebecca McMackin, the horticulture director at Brooklyn Bridge Park

SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere has helped the community deal with storm removal processes over several years, building up sufficient experience on the best practices. Call us at (302) 992-0104 to help restore your property.

Local Restoration Service Helps Wilmington Businesses Mount the Right Response after a Fire Loss

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

flame wrapped SERVPRO truck Our SERVPRO Flame-Wrapped Vehicle Arrives with our skilled crew to mitigate commercial fire damage in the Wilmington area--real fast!

SERVPRO Provides Specialized Services to Match the Loss after Large or Small Fires in Wilmington 

Wilmington is a city with a rich history stretching as far back as the 1600s when a Swedish Warship, Kalmar Nyckel, landed on a natural wharf on the Christina River. At the time, the river was known as Minquas Kill. The location where Wilmington stands today was known as Fort Christina and was the center of the New Sweden colony established by the settlers. The purpose of the colony was to produce furs and Tobacco to avoid reliance on English and French merchants.

Wilmington's Swedish origins have had a significant impact on the American way of life, even beyond the former colony's confines. For instance, the log cabin type of house was an idea from Sweden, which later became a popular style for first homes in the frontier areas.  In later years, log cabins are great for vacation homes or other luxurious purposes. The New Sweden colony also brought some of the earliest Lutheran believers to America.

The city has advanced in many ways since its establishment in 1832. For instance, the Du Pont Company, which is an industry leader in the production of chemical and healthcare products all over the world, started in the area when one of the sons of Pierre Samuel du Pont, an immigrant from France, set up a gunpowder mill on the banks of Brandywine Creek. The Du Pont Company later diversified to other sectors.  Apart from being a big company within the city, Du Pont is also famous for developing unique compounds such as Teflon, Nylon, and Kevlar, which have widespread uses. The city is also renowned as the Corporate Capital of the World because over half of fortune 500 companies have operations here.

A Diverse Dining Culture

Away from scientific developments and corporate business, there is a lighter side to Wilmington, especially when you consider its diverse culinary scene. For instance, there are several raw bar and crab shacks in the city. Specialty restaurants that serve foods from different regions have also thrived in the area. Some of the unique cuisine you might enjoy in those establishments include scrapple, which is made from pork, spices, and buckwheat flour or cider doughnuts, among others. Some of the facilities people can explore to enjoy the unique cuisine include:

  • Banks' Seafood Kitchen and Raw Bar, located on the south Market Street, serves an assortment of fresh seafood. Most visitors rate it highly for serving tasty crab soup, crab cakes, and crabs.
  • Mikimotos, located on Washington Street, specializes in Pan Asian dishes. Visitors rate it highly for its quality Sushi. Another unique offering is the "Hairy Mexican," which is made from fried shrimp and rice. It also has crabmeat wrapped around it then dipped in eel sauce.
  • La Fia Bistro, located on North Market Street, takes a different approach by having an ever-changing menu. They also use locally sourced materials to prepare their dishes.
  • The Melting Pot located on Concord Pike Street offers heated pots of chocolate, cheese, or broth for dipping. It is popular with people because of the wide variety of foods available and the friendly atmosphere, allowing diners personal space to enjoy their meals.

Historic Sites in Wilmington

The long development journey of the city has left many fascinating buildings and other constructions that tell the stories of the city from different eras. They are also great places to spend time while exploring the area. The most notable ones include:

  • The Old Swedes Historic Site boasts of being the oldest standing church whose structure or foundation has never been altered. The construction is unique, starting with rock walls followed by brick additions. It also features hardwood pews and exquisite stained glass windows. The church hosts the Swedish tradition of Lucia once a year, which is celebrated in a candlelit ceremony.
  • Rodney Square is an outdoor area where people sit and enjoy the outdoors. It features the statue of Caesar Rodney, the great American revolutionary. He famously rode 70 miles through a storm on the night of July 1, 1776, to break a voting deadlock that allowed Delaware to join 11 other states in favor of the resolution of independence.
  • The Rockford Tower, which was constructed during the industrial revolution, provides a unique glimpse into the past. For instance, on its side, there is a sundial. The area surrounding the tower is great for hiking, skating, bicycling, or jogging since there are a beautiful park and surrounding hills dotted with caves and huge boulders.

How Does SERVPRO Help Wilmington Business Owners Tackle Fire Damage?

Disasters such as fire can interrupt business activities or reduce a vital structure to ruins in a few hours. Wilmington business operators need viable solutions that can help salvage their operations in the aftermath of fire incidents. SERVPRO provides different services, including cleaning and safeguarding the premises, thus helping the business overcome the effects of large or small fires.

The combustion processes produce various types of residues, which are broadly classified as soot and ash. The residues settle on all surfaces, thus affecting structural materials and contents. It is possible to save some of the items by cleaning them. SERVPRO helps by using regular cleaning or specialized approaches such as ultrasonic cleaning to restore the items affected by fire residues.

Fires may also leave business premises unsecured. For instance, they might create openings when windows shatter or roofs cave-in.  The openings expose the contents held within the premises to weather elements or other risks. SERVPRO technicians help secure the premises, thus saving any salvageable items from further deterioration.

  • Installing roof tarps in case there is a roof cave in to keep out rain, snow, or other weather elements
  • Boarding up walls to seal any opening created by the fire or firefighting efforts
  • Creating barriers inside the building to seal off certain areas, thus shielding items held within from moisture or airborne debris
  • Performing move-outs that relocate vulnerable items to another section of the property or an offsite storage facility.

SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere is an established restoration service that helps lighten the load when Wilmington businesses are affected by fire damage. Call (302) 992-0104 to get the speedy response necessary to counter the effects of a fire loss.

Gear Up for the Holiday Season in Wilmington

11/20/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO trucks and equipment outside of a work location SERVPRO is looking forward to the winter in Wilmington Holiday lights show!

The Winter in Wilmington Drive-Thru Holiday Light Show Delights Visitors

The 2020 through 2021 Wilmington Light Show on the Riverfront is about to start. Guests are invited to enjoy breathtaking light displays on the waterfront along Justison Street. Because this year's show is drive-through only, guests can even enjoy festive holiday light displays during rainy weather.

Tickets are available for the following dates:

  • Between November 27 and December 6, 2020
  • December 11 through 13, 17 through 20, and 26 through 27
  • January 2 and 3, 2021

This season's show is a drive-through show that accommodates vehicles housing up to 12 people to preserve public safety. Guests book their preferred time and date in advance and are cordially invited to bring drinks and snacks to enjoy as they take in the sights along the riverfront. Admission costs are $25 and cover a 90-minute window for viewing the light show.

SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere can preserve a Wilmington retail shop with stormwater extraction after a disaster. Call (302) 992-0104 to start the cleanup process.