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How Do I Restore a Home after Flash Flooding?

8/5/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO mascot Our SERVPRO Mascot and "Part-Owner" Understands the Need for Flood Water Removal and Mitigation in the Wilmington Area

Storms Can Lead to Flood Damage in your Wilmington Home; SERVPRO Provides Prompt, Safe Assistance for Residents in Need

Is Reconstruction Necessary After Storm Damages?

Adverse weather conditions in Wilmington can lead to flash flooding in the area. Rising water levels can back up sewers and overflow roads, affecting your home. When water intrusion occurs as a result of flooding, it is considered a contamination issue. Tainted water, often salty in this area, can complicate a water restoration project because many building materials can suffer permanent harm. As stated by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, gray or black water intrusion may require demolition to expose hidden moisture and discard ruined elements. The S500 recommends that "restorers should open assemblies" to remove contaminated materials from cavities. These assemblies could include floor tiles, boards, baseboards, drywall, or other interior structures within the home. Opening assemblies can also help to provide an accurate assessment of subfloor and wall cavities.

How Is Contamination Controlled In A Flooded Property?

A property with Flood Damage in Wilmington can continue to deteriorate after pumping standing water. Porous materials like insulation, drywall, and sheetrock can absorb contaminated water. Contaminated materials must be assessed for potential removal. In category two, water contamination- graywater- there is a good chance of cleaning wet materials. In gray water contamination, SERVPRO technicians can recover carpets or walls using chemical cleaners and pressure washing equipment. Blackwater requires removal and replacement. It is essential to have an expert evaluate water contamination. In some situations, pressure washing, for example, can worsen the condition of your home by converting contamination into aerosols.

How do restoration technicians return home to a sanitary state?

  • Remove obstructing assemblies through demolition to assess hidden materials
  • Clean and decontaminate salvageable materials like carpets, drywall, or upholsteries
  • Demolish and dispose of non-salvageable materials that have high-grade water contamination

Flash flooding can make your home unsafe. Contact SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere at (302) 992-0104 to secure your property.

How Air Movers Dry Wilmington Flood Damage

7/6/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment in home Call SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere for fast and efficient service.

Air Movers Are Critical for Flood Damage Cleanup

Cleaning up after flooding often relies heavily on the drying techniques of our SERVPRO team. Surfaces cannot be cleaned if they are not first sufficiently dried, and air movers are the preferred tool for this job.

How Do Air Movers Work? 

When contending with flood damage in Wilmington homes, air movers can help. How do they work? These units operate similarly to a fan but have a much more powerful output that can be directed at specific problem areas like wet building materials.

Types of Air Movers

Drying relies on effective equipment and tools in our inventory. Air movers are a staple ingredient in efficient restoration and recovery. There are multiple types of these high-velocity blowers, including:

  • Centrifugal
  • Axial
  • Low-Profile

Deploying Mover Units in the House

The position and frequency of air mover units can be an important decision for our SERVPRO professionals. For the most significant production of the unit and consistency from all technicians using the equipment, team members are trained to place machines at a 45-degree angle, clockwise, to the wall. The castoff moisture evaporated from the surface is pushed into open areas for dehumidifiers to help.

Combining Multiple Machines for Efficiency

One of the advantages of choosing air movers for drying implements is the option to chain several units together to conserve outlets and available power. The process, known as daisy chaining, can string several air movers together in a line. The result is less needed electricity for maximum drying results, which can be especially critical when using portable power solutions.

Air movers and other drying equipment are vital to protecting your home's areas after flooding. Water damage spreads rapidly in these emergencies, impacting several surfaces simultaneously. The use of air movers is critical in quickly managing moisture concerns. Trust our SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere team to help after a disaster by calling (302) 992-0104.

We Have Cutting Edge Equipment In Wilmington After A Flood

6/2/2022 (Permalink)

House With Storm Damage During a summer windy storm a tree in the yard fell on a home. The tree penetrated the roof and went into the bedroom. We showed up right away.

Emergency Construction Services for Flooded Wilmington Homes 

Flooding is not always kind to the structural integrity and construction of Wilmington homes. In many situations, contractors must address vulnerabilities in your house’s structure before professional restorers like ours can start effective mitigation practices that reduce your loss. Emergencies like these do not always get addressed as readily as they could if you choose a restorer other than our SERVPRO team. 

One of the features that set our technicians and team apart from the competition is the comprehensive service we offer for flood damage in Wilmington properties. From our skilled professionals accredited through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in water restoration, structural drying, cleaning, and mold remediation to our licensed (#1992104829) residential contractors, we can help you however you need. 

When your property requires structural repairs and emergency construction solutions, you can wait for days or more for a reputable contractor to become available when subbing out the work on your own. Our SERVPRO professionals have a fast response to these emergencies, using the full extent of our personnel and recovery inventory to ensure that no customer waits longer than necessary to begin restoration on their home. 

Emergency construction solutions can mean several different things for a property, and much of this correlates to how flooding originates in the home. If a fallen tree has allowed runoff into the house, our customers can expect our contractors to begin tree removal and structural repairs to temporarily seal off openings until mitigation completes. As full-service contractors, our professionals can also establish temporary fencing, repair damaged utilities like the plumbing and electricity, and contend with any structural issues inside the house. 

We strive to provide every customer with a tailored experience that shows them that their home is a top priority to our team. This fast and confident response matters the most during storm loss events where flooding occurs. Give our SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere whenever you need us at (302) 992-0104. Our expertise and deep inventory of cutting-edge equipment can make flood losses “Like it never even happened.”

How to Dry Your Water Damaged Wilmington Basement

4/15/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded basement with water covering the floor When your basement faces flooding, quick action is required. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for water removal and storm damage remediation efforts. We are here.

Flood Extraction in Your Wilmington Basement

Flooding, even from breaches caused by storm damages to your Wilmington home, can find its way to the lowest levels and collect in your basement. The most common pathway for pooling water in this subterranean floor is through a deteriorating block wall, where water can find penetration points and reach the interior. Even with a drain system and graded concrete floors, flooding through these vulnerabilities could become devastating for your property. To counteract these effects, you need a fast response by competent professionals like our restoration team.

The faster that you can secure qualified professionals to address flood damage in your Wilmington home, the less detrimental these pooling effects can become. Our SERVPRO professionals have comprehensive training and experience gained through certification coursework designed by the standard-setting Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to become Water Restoration Technicians (WRT), many of which also have additional endorsements in Applied Structural Drying (ASD.) Our team can quickly assess the severity of the situation and develop an effective plan to mitigate and restore these conditions.

Flood recovery hinges significantly on finding the vulnerabilities and penetration points that allowed the emergency to occur in the first place. For your basement, this often means learning where block breaches exist, and earmarking these for full replacement or using more immediate strategies like hydraulic cement to prevent further infiltration. 

Extraction is a critical component of this flood recovery as well, and our SERVPRO team has a broad inventory of water removal equipment to address every severity we might encounter. From our wet-vacs and extraction wands to our engine-driven, gas-powered trash pumps, we can offer an effective removal strategy for every scenario involving standing water and oversaturation. We even have truck-mount options in our Green Fleet to provide an even more powerful solution when conditions are dire. 

Recovery after a flood loss can feel overwhelming for homeowners, but our SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere team can help. We have a wide range of sophisticated tools and machines that can quickly remove standing water and work to make these damaging disasters “Like it never even happened.” Give our professionals a call 24/7 at (302) 992-0104.

Are Dehumidifiers an Effective Piece of Equipment After a Flood?

3/10/2022 (Permalink)

Water in Carpet Call SERVPRO after your Wilmington flood.

SERVPRO Technicians in Wilmington Use Dehumidifiers to Remove Excess Moisture from the Air 

Dehumidifiers are a piece of critical equipment following a flood in Wilmington. Flooding by nature means that water is abundant in your home. After the flood water recedes and technicians extract excess water from your home, dehumidifiers, in conjunction with air movers, speed up the drying process.

Why is it Important to Calculate Grain Depression? Technicians Use Grains to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Dehumidifiers

Our professional team dealing with flood damage in Wilmington uses grain measurement to determine a dehumidifier's effectiveness. To do this, technicians use a thermo-hygrometer to measure the difference between the air exhausted from the dehumidifier and the intake air. This difference is called grain depression. When the grain depression is not a big difference, it means that the dehumidifier in question is no longer sufficient.

What are the Steps to Measure Grain Depression?

  • Use the thermo-hygrometer to measure both the relative humidity (RH) and the air temperature coming out of the dehumidifier's exhaust.
  • Use the thermo-hygrometer to measure the temperature and RH of the air in the impacted area. This reading represents the intake of air since it is from the impacted area of your home.
  • Use a psychrometric wheel or chart to determine the impacted room's gpp (grains per pound).
  • Subtract the exhaust number from the intake number to determine the grain depression.
  • Monitor and reset dehumidifiers and air movers to optimize drying capacity.

The grain depression measurement is helpful when determining the usefulness of a specific piece of dehumidifying equipment. However, it is crucial to also measure the relative humidity and temperature in the room to facilitate an effective drying process best. Following a flood, contact SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere at (302) 992-010 for 24/7 assistance. We make it, "Like it never even happened."

What Is the Potential for Serious Flood Damage in Wilmington?

11/14/2021 (Permalink)

Call now! SERVPRO storm damage restoration services are top-notch. For fast and experienced workmanship. Call now!

Over the Years, Wilmington Homeowners Have Often Suffered Severe Flood Damage.

Wilmington’s position along the Eastern Seaboard makes it a prime target for powerful coastal storms and the severe flooding they often bring. Torrential rains and storm surges have frequently swelled the Delaware River, overflowed the Christina River and Brandywine Creek, which pass through the city, and caused severe flood damage in local homes and businesses.

Through the years, SERVPRO technicians have helped countless homeowners in Wilmington remediate flood-damaged residences. These neighborly efforts have involved everything from water removal services and basement flooding cleanup to biohazard remediation and water damage repairs. In performing our tasks, we have witnessed the destructive effects of numerous floods, but these are a small fraction of what our area has historically experienced. A few of the more notable Wilmington floods are as follows:

  • September 2021 - Hurricane Ida-related floods submerged several city blocks and forced more than 200 people to flee their homes
  • May 2014 - Excessive rains from a large low-pressure system caused Brandywine Creek to overflow, wreak havoc on several residences, and disrupt travel
  • September 2003 - High water that followed in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Henri damaged hundreds of homes and destroyed several local bridges
  • September 1999 - Flooding connected to Hurricane Floyd caused $8 million in property damage in and around Wilmington

None of this is that astonishing, given that Delaware is in the top ten most flood-prone states. Moreover, this situation is likely to get worse because climate change is predicted to lead to more powerful storms and substantially higher sea levels soon.

Considering the real threat of flood damage in our community, it is reassuring to know that quality help is available nearby. Your friends at SERVPRO of Hockessin/Elsmere are always ready to help you at (302) 992-0104.

Emergency Services to Protect Flooded Wilmington Homes

10/15/2021 (Permalink)

standing in a pool of storm water in home Storm damage restoration services by SERVPRO are second to none. We will be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call.

Initial actions mitigate loss and prevent worsening conditions after a flood in Wilmington properties. 

Flooding is crippling for homes and businesses in the area, making it a situation that our SERVPRO team must respond to help quickly. We have experience in water and flood restoration, making our fast response an effective means of mitigating the losses flooding can cause. 

Water Removal Services 

One of the most necessary emergency services needed after storm and flood damage in Wilmington homes is water removal. Floods leave standing water and pooling threats throughout the property, and several extraction tools must play a part. Often, natural flooding is most easily mitigated with a combination of vacuums and high-power pumps. Specialty extractors can also help when materials like carpeting become impacted. 

Flood Cuts and Controlled Demolition

Controlled demolition and bulk material removal is another area where emergency services can benefit a flood-damaged home. Standing water can ruin drywall, forcing moisture further up the wall system without direct actions like flood cuts. Moisture removal in wall cavities is more thorough and efficient, with access to low-profile air movers and evaporative drying equipment. 

Content Relocation and Discarding

We understand how destructive spreading floodwater can be for contents and furniture in the path of the migrating damage. Relocation is often one of the first choices to protect these items. When exposure already occurred, off-site cleaning at our SERVPRO facility could be the answer. This intricate care of your personal belongings includes:

  • Focused cleaning
  • Drying
  • Deodorization
  • Disinfection

Flood damage creates a substantial obstacle in returning a property to its original condition. With the pace that homes can become overwhelmed by intruding water and debris, emergency services play a vital role in protecting these properties and their contents. Our SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere team is standing by 24/7 at (302) 992-0104. 

Contamination from Flood Damage Can is an Issue – Choose Professional Restoration in Wilmington!

8/20/2021 (Permalink)

storm damaged ceiling, leaking into bucket Storm and flood damage restoration is no DIY project. Call SERVPRO for the professional help you need.

Contact SERVPRO to Restore your Wilmington Property After Recent Storms Cause Flood Damage

Summer storms may create a deluge that leads to water infiltration at one or more points around your property. Basement flooding and ceiling leaks are areas where DIY methods are not enough. You need skilled restorers on the job to handle flood water damage remediation so that your Wilmington home gets back to pre-storm condition. “Like it never even happened.” We act quickly to ensure you have as little disruption to your daily routine as possible. 

Flood damage restoration in Wilmington after a significant storm will have many working parts. IICRC-certified water restoration technicians (WRT) from SERVPRO arrive at your door within hours of your call to begin the evaluation phase of the project. Water clean-up then commences after we determine the contamination level of the water involved. Water contamination gets broken down into three categories, including:

  • CAT 1 – For category one events, freshwater usually comes from a leak in a refrigerator line, water overflow from a sink or tub, or burst pipes. While this is a clean-water event, the longer the water festers or it comes into contact with harmful elements, it can turn into contamination quickly.
  • CAT 2 – Also known as gray water, category two events include dishwasher or washing machine emergencies. This is mild contamination that our crew may not deem dangerous as a biohazard event. 
  • CAT 3 – Whenever there is storm flooding, this is a black water category three situation. Once you have floodwater coming into the home, such as basement flooding or groundwater coming in through your entry points, it gets treated as a biohazard. SERVPRO carefully treats the zone before working, puts containment barriers in place, and utilizes controlled demolition to remove any unsalvageable saturated materials.

Flood damage restoration after a Wilmington storm with the help of SERVPRO of Hockessin/Elsmere gets you rapid, dependable results. Call us 24/7 at (302) 992-0104.

When Can Muck-Out Cleaning Benefit Flooded Wilmington Homes?

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. When a storm strikes and flooding occurs, call SERVPRO for all the necessary storm damage restoration services needed for your home.

Implementing emergency services at the appropriate times can prevent greater flood damage to Wilmington properties.

From the initial arrival to the property, an inspection of the grounds can help determine the worst flooding damage in area homes. Moreover, this evaluation finds where debris and buildup exist in natural flooding scenarios so that our team can begin removing bulk materials and potential hazards.

When Does Muck-Out Cleaning Fit into Restoration?

You cannot always fully address flood damage in Wilmington homes or businesses without considering initial actions like muck-out cleaning. Removing debris and buildup from contents and the flooring can showcase where further drying and surface cleaning are necessary. Debris and mud also welcome bacteria and contaminants, providing another reason our SERVPRO team must work fast to prevent the spread and worsening of these conditions.

What Tools Are Necessary? 

Having the right equipment to clean up silt, mud, debris, and decaying matter can be critical. Waiting too long to clean up after flooding can cause greater harm to exposed materials and contents. Some of the most heavily used cleaning and debris removal tools in our leading inventory of recovery equipment includes:

  • Wet Vacuums
  • Shovels
  • Dry Vacuums
  • Extractors
  • Mops

Cleaning up after a flood damage incident often requires fast mitigation as soon as the situation develops. Our experienced SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere professionals can help with elements like muck-out cleaning and extraction. When you need post-flood recovery services, you can reach us 24/7 at (302) 992-0104.

Can SERVPRO Help with Storm Damage and Condensation on My Windows of My Wilmington Home?

6/11/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO trailer with a wall of equipment Storm and flood remediation services by SERVPRO are second to none. We have an IICRC certified crew ready to help you 24/7 365 days a year.

SERVPRO Provides Storm Damage Cleanup in Wilmington Homes

After a storm, many homeowners in Wilmington will attempt to perform water clean-up themselves. They remove as much water and moisture as they can using shop vacuums and make repairs as needed to broken windows or the roof. They risk exposure to chemicals, bacteria, and viruses that may have entered their home with the floodwaters. Many also find condensation on windows and surfaces due to high humidity from the remaining moisture.

SERVPRO can help homeowners clean up after storm damage causes chaos in your Wilmington area home. Not only do we extract all of the water that entered your home, but we also clean and decontaminate all of the surfaces touched by the floodwaters. We also install air movers and dehumidifiers to lower the humidity and eliminate the condensation that could occur.

In situations where there is still moisture in flooring materials, furniture, and other materials in the house, this moisture contributes to lingering high humidity and condensation on surfaces. This situation is also an optimum environment for mold to grow. Mold can cause health effects for many people.

Let SERVPRO clean up your home the right way after a storm. We provide the following services to all of our Wilmington clients:

  • Emergency Repairs to Leaking Roof from Storms
  • Emergency Services Water Damage Repairs
  • Mold Inspections, Remediation, and Removal

Call SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere for storm damage in Wilmington and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (302) 992-0104.

When Storms Hit Who Does Wilmington Call for Flood Restoration?

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

small section of SERVPRO equipment Storm mitigation services for your home are an easy choice. SERVPRO is second to none when it comes to storm damage restorations.

 SERVPRO provides flood damage cleanup when floods impact Wilmington homes 

Wilmington has a strong Swedish influence in Delaware today. The city was the first Swedish settlement in the United States and was originally the site of Fort Christina. It is also known as being home to the first doctor in Delaware, Dr. Timothy Stidham. Interestingly, the colony was governed by Swedish law until 1653. 

Wilmington Arts & Culture

Wilmington is a city with a rich cultural background. It has many galleries, museums, gardens, and other attractions. Because of its ethnic diversity, it also hosts several ethnic festivals that are a lot of fun. They include:

•    Italian Festival – occurs during the 2nd week of June and is hosted by the St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church. 

•    Greek Festival – hosted by the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

•    Polish Festival – organized by St. Hedwig's Catholic Church

• Haneef's Africa Festival – celebrates the African American heritage in Wilmington

•    Big August Quarterly – Began in 1814 as a celebration of African American religious freedom

•    India Fest – hosted by the Indo-American Association of Delaware. 

•    Hispanic Week -parades, concerts, and more celebrating all things Latino

Music festivals also play a big role in the entertainment venue. Each summer, residents, and visitors can enjoy the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival. Bob Marley fans will not want to miss the annual Peoples' Festival, which was started as a tribute to Marley. And then, in August, there is the Riverfront Blues Festival. 

Who's Who of Wilmington

With decades of history, Wilmington can lay claim to many famous people who were either born there or grew up in the city. The list is quite extensive, but some of the highlights include:

• John Backus – famous computer scientist

• Valerie Bertinelli – actress

• Joe and Jill Biden – 46th president and 1st lady

• Cab Calloway – musician

• Mark Eaton – hockey player

• Dionna Harris – softball, Olympic Gold winner

• Bob Marley – musician

• Meagan Miller – opera singer

• Samuel Peterson – One of Wilmington's founder

• Mary Nash – writer

Delaware Art Museum

This amazing museum started in 1912 and today has over 12,000 objects in various collections. The museum includes the Helen Farr Sloan Library and Archives, a Sculpture Park, a children's learning area, studio art classes, a museum store, and a café. It is a fantastic place to relax and spend the day. Dedicated to the memory and work of Howard Pyle, many of the pieces are from his works and his students. Other modern American artists such as George Segal and Robert Motherwell are some of the artists featured. The Pre-Raphaelite collection is simply stunning. It is a favorite of art lovers in the area. You will find yourself going back again and again.

SERVPRO Provides Flood Damage Services to Wilmington Residents

Floods can bring contaminated water pouring into homes. The flooding can cause significant damage, but the risk of secondary damage is great if immediate water damage remediation is not started quickly. SERVPRO understands the precautions that need to take place with floodwater situations. We provide:

• Emergency services for water damage

• Basement flooding cleanup

• Mitigation for a leaking roof from storms

• Sewage cleanup

• Water removal services

• Water damage repairs

• Flood restoration

We remove blackwater with special trash pumps that can handle debris. We clean, sanitize, disinfect, and restore flood-damaged homes. We abide by all local and OSHA guidelines for the cleaning and disposal of unsalvageable materials. If you need professional flood damage services, call SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere at (302) 992-0104.

Steeped in History, Swedish, Dutch and English Settlers Populated Wilmington

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck getting unloaded at a job. Great flood damage assistance is hard to find. Call the professionals at SERVPRO with their IICRC certified technicians and updated equipment.

Enjoy Many Indoor and Outdoor Activities in Wilmington

The first Swedish settlements in North America, Kristinehamn, Timmerön / Timber Island Sidoland (South Wellington), Strandviken, and Översidolandet, are now encompassed by the city of Wilmington. Settlers arrived initially in 1638 and built Fort Christina. Initially, under Swedish rule, the Dutch captured the fort in 1655, later to be overtaken by the British in 1664. In 1739, the name was again changed from Willington to Wilmington to commemorate the Earl of Wilmington.

Wilmington provided ships, railroad cars, shoes, and many other war-related goods during the civil war. One of the significant supplies included gunpowder, manufactured at a plant on the Brandywine River by Eleuthère Irénée du Pont, who later became a powerful industrialist. The city benefitted from the civil war and later both world wars with shipyards, machinery, and chemical producers. Many other products were also produced, creating a massive demand for workers and driving growth in the region. Currently, the city has evolved to focus on international and national banks and credit card operations as the primary employment source. Wilmington is also close to Philadelphia, which provides many job opportunities and entertainment venues for residents.

Local Venues to Visit in Wilmington and Surrounding Area

Whether you enjoy outdoor activities, visiting homes or museums with a long history in the past, or enjoying local restaurants and sports, there is something for everyone. The city has designated nine areas as historic districts and one as a conservation district. The following is a list of exciting places that locals and tourists enjoy:

  • Nemours Estate
  • Hagley Museum and Library
  • Wilmington River Walk
  • Wilmington and Western Railroad
  • Grand Opera House
  • Delaware Children's Museum
  • Delaware Art Museum
  • Frawley Stadium
  • Bellevue State Park
  • Brandywine Creek State Park
  • The Queen

Nemours Estate

The estate was designed and built as a gift to Alfred DuPont's second wife, Alicia. It encompassed 3000 acres with a home that followed an 18th century French Style. The estate house was constructed with all of the latest modern technology available and a number of his inventions. This home was one of the grandest homes in the area. DuPont added extensive gardens, including a large reflecting pool and several scenic paths connecting various property areas.

Visitors can explore the home and the grounds following self-guided tours. They can also join regularly scheduled tours to learn intimate details about the DuPont family's life and times. Call ahead for scheduled tours and visiting hours.

Wilmington River Walk

The Wilmington River Walk runs from Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park to the Shipyard Shops and extends to the DuPont Environmental Education Center. The walkway extends for 1.3 miles, with many sitting areas to enjoy the natural beauty of the trees, shrubs, and grasses along the Christina River. There are also numerous restaurants offering fresh seafood, delicious meals, all with a great view of the boardwalk and the river.

Delaware Children's Museum

The museum's excellent family attractions encourage imaginative minds to learn through play and experience math, science, and technology. Over 37,000 square feet of interactive activities will entertain the entire family and have some fun away from everyday life's hustle and bustle. There are a variety of exhibits for various age groups, including:

  • 30-foot climbing walls – learning to climb up and down
  • The structure exhibit – learn about components and careers in architecture
  • The Power of Me – how does my bodywork
  • Bank on it – learn money management skills
  • Training Wheels – transportation themed

Call ahead for opening hours and event schedules.

The Brandywine Creek State Park

The park covers 1,100 acres of forests and meadows with miles of trails for hiking and cycling. A portion of the park was originally part of the DuPont Family estate. There is an 18-hole golf course, as well as a 5k cross country course. During the warmer month's visitors can canoe or go tubing along the Brandywine River. Locals enjoy the autumn colors, sledding in the winter, bird watching, and relaxing walks along the many trails. 

The Brandywine Creek park has 14 miles of hiking trails with mixed difficulty. Some are paved, while others are rustic or rough. Popular trails include the 

  • Brandywine Creek river loop, considered moderate difficulty and 7.7 km long
  • Rocky Run Loop is also regarded as moderate and 5.1 km long.
  • Indian Springs Trail is thought to be moderate at 3.7 km long.
  • Woodlawn trail considered moderate at 15.9 km long.
  • Brandywine Creek Loop considered moderate at 18.8 km long and 
  • Five additional routes, all considered comfortable of varying lengths.

Bikes are permitted on some trails; hunting is not allowed, while fishing is approved with a fishing license. Maps can be obtained online or at the park to help visitors explore the park. The park is open from March through November.

SERVPRO Can Martial Resources to Respond to Flood Damage in Wilmington

Floodwaters can materialize in minutes, causing extensive damage, leaving destroyed homes and businesses with debris, chemical, and biological contamination. Often there is no warning, and many people barely escape with their lives. 

Our highly trained technicians have the equipment, experience, and knowledge to respond to these catastrophic events. We provide:

  • Board up services
  • Emergency power
  • Removal of debris, chemical, and biological waste
  • Water removal, cleaning, and drying of structures and contents
  • Reconstruction and restoration services

SERVPRO has been providing service to the area since 1990. Our franchise has assisted other franchises and clients in their time of need. Likewise, should there be a sizable catastrophic flood in our area, our sister franchises would provide help in return. Our clients can depend on us to marshal the resources required to respond to any size of flood disaster. Our team is onsite within four hours of the initial call to assess the situation and coordinate a response.

SERVPRO of Hockessin/Elsmere provides flood damage assistance to Wilmington residential and retail/business commercial companies and surrounding areas. Call (302) 992-0104. Our SERVPRO team is ready to respond 24/7 to help with all your flood damage needs.

Learning the Language of Flowers for Better Gardening in Hockessin

12/7/2020 (Permalink)

pollination cycle with bees Your Hockessin Home Needs No Storm Water like Plants Do! Contact SERVPRO for flood removal!

A Deeper Look at Pollination Ecology for Hockessin Gardeners

You probably love flowers because of their sweet scent or dazzling colors. However, if you have a garden in Hockessin, you should probably take time to learn the intriguing processes involved in their development. One of the aspects often trivialized is the process of getting pollen from one plant to another. However, close examination reveals that it takes a complex process with bribery, duplicity, and even thievery. You can learn more about this by participating in an online event dubbed Language of Flowers: Pollination Ecology for Gardeners.

While preparing to participate, you should note that:

  • The event is hosted at Mt Cuba Center, a botanical garden on Barley Mill Road that focuses on native plants and ecosystems
  • The event is scheduled for Saturday 12th December 2020, starting at 10 AM and ends at 11:30 AM
  • The host is Rebecca McMackin, the horticulture director at Brooklyn Bridge Park

SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere has helped the community deal with storm removal processes over several years, building up sufficient experience on the best practices. Call us at (302) 992-0104 to help restore your property.

What Can I Do to Prepare for Storms & Flooding in Wilmington?

8/27/2020 (Permalink)

flooded laundry room in a home Floods can occur quickly and cause a large amount of damage to your home and displace you and your family. Call SERVPRO for flood damage remediation.

Wilmington is Prone to Flooding Like Many Parts of Delaware – Having a Natural Disaster Plan is Always Wise

In the United States, flooding is the most common natural disaster. It can happen in every state across the country. Making preparations for when disaster strikes removes the stress and damage to your family and Wilmington home.

Is All Flooding the Same?

Not all flooding is the same. Certain flooding happens over an extended period of heavy, steady rain. Flash flooding occurs rapidly and can occur suddenly with no warning. In the winter, when there is heavy snow and a surge of warm weather that can cause flooding. You are open to flooding whenever you live in near water, near dams, or in low lying areas. Flood damage can happen in your Wilmington home at any time.

Make A Plan

If disaster strikes, your family may not all be in the same place. An emergency plan lays out exactly what to do, so there is no confusion if something happens.

  • How you will contact each other
  • Where you will meet – a place for those inside the home and a place when some are not home.
  • Establish an out of town contact that can help with communications in case calling is a problem locally.
  • Knowing what the emergency plans are for your work, school, childcare, etc.
  • Copies for babysitters and caregivers.
  • Plans for what you will do with pets.
  • Flood insurance policy

When you do the above, you will have prepared your family in the case of any emergency, not just flooding. Practice the plan regularly, especially if you have young children who need to know where to go should something happen.

Put Together an Emergency Supply Kit

You will want to have certain things on hand should you experience a catastrophe in the home. Putting together a kit for the house in general and individual kits for each member of the house is an excellent idea. Make sure you have a good supply of non-perishable food and bottled water. A first aid kit, flashlights, extra batteries, and a battery-powered radio are all necessary items. A backpack with clothing, a special toy for children, water, and snacks is a good idea for each person. Other things to include in your kit may be:

  • Extra medical supplies and copies of prescriptions
  • Sleeping bags and bedding
  • Copies of important documents
    • Driver’s license
    • Social security cards
    • Birth and marriage certificates
    • Deeds
    • Wills

Know What to Look For

Understanding the different weather terms for storms and flooding can help you know what is coming your way. A flood watch means just that. The weather stations are watching for potential flooding in specific areas. Tune in to the local news to keep abreast of the situation. A flash flood warning means to be ready to move to higher ground or evacuate if flooding occurs. This is the time to move sensitive belongings to higher levels as well. If a flood warning is issued, it means flooding is on its way. If an evacuation warning is given, follow it. A flash flood warning means move immediately to higher ground. Don’t attempt to drive.

Emergency Water Mitigation

If your Wilmington home does experience flood damage, SERVPRO has rapid-response teams ready to provide emergency services. They will arrive at your home as quickly as possible and assess the situation for safety and health issues. Floodwaters bring all kinds of contaminants with them, and these must get dealt with on a professional level. Don’t attempt to enter your home until it is safe to do so. After determining the structure is safe, and the biohazard issues in the water are known, water extraction begins. The drying process follows that along with sanitizing and disinfecting.

Water Restoration Begins

Our technicians are Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified and have years of experience dealing with floods. Once they have your home dry, the cleaning process and restoration of the building and content starts. If possible, items will be cleaned on-site. Packout services are available if that is not possible. The goal is to return your home to you, “Like it never even happened.”

Flood damage is nothing to take lightly, as it can be deadly. But our Green Team is available 24/7 to provide emergency mitigation and restoration services. Contact SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere at (302) 992 - 0104 for professional flood damage restoration service. 

We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

A Storm Has Left Me Dealing with Flood Damage in My Property. Who Can Help Me to Restore it?

8/26/2020 (Permalink)

"Flooding" Our storm damage technicians have the equipment and experience to restore your property to pre-damage condition.

Talk to SERVPRO Technicians in Wilmington to Help You Handle the Flood Damage in Your Property.

When disaster strikes your property, the aftermath can cause more damage leading to costly repairs. Property owners go through a hard time trying to figure out what to do and where to pick up the pieces. However, if you contact restoration professionals in Wilmington within the first 24 hours, we can save your valuable items and property from the secondary damages. 

Why involve a professional restoration company?

Floods in Wilmington can saturate your property and destroy your valuable items if not properly handled. Once the water is gone, most property owners assume that mopping and drying the affected area is enough to keep the storm flood damage in their Wilmington property at bay. However, your home needs more than that, depending on the damage extent. A reliable restoration company like SERVPRO can assess the damage and develop the most efficient restoration plan to turn your property into a suitable living space again. Acting fast by contacting professionals prevents secondary damage from taking place. 

What are the secondary damages that may occur, and how do you handle them?

If flood damage is left unaddressed for over 48 hours, it can lead to:

Mold growth: Mold grows in less than 24 hours and only requires moisture. SERVPRO technicians use advanced products to treat the affected area. We can use Benefect, a disinfectant that destroys 99 percent of microorganisms it comes across on the affected surface. 

Wood rot: When a wooden surface gets into contact with water for an extended period, it rots. This can cause major structural problems if not treated on time. Our technicians can dry the affected area in a brief period using our hi-tech equipment. 

Odors: When floodwater flows, it gets into contact with sewage, tags, and dead animals. With time, odors may linger, and the property may become inhabitable. Our team of experts can use citrus deodorizer, a water-based product to combat the foul smell. We may also use a ULV fogger that produces a fine mist to eliminate the odors.

Electrical damage: When water gets into contact with electrical sockets, it can cause significant damage to the structure and the occupants. Therefore, it is essential to switch off the main switch to avoid such damages. We equip our professionals with portable generators that help with power distribution in an affected property. 

With our expertise and resources, we can thoroughly clean your home’s surfaces and materials to restore it to its preloss state. 

After flooding happens, it is possible to save your property. Contact SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere at (302) 992-0104 to handle the loss, and make it “Like it never even happened.” 

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We Ensure Your Safety After A Flood In Wilmington

3/4/2020 (Permalink)

Our air movers drying the carpet in this home We have the state of the art equipment necessary to handle your flood damage. Call us right away to prevent further damage.

Avoiding Hazards After Flood Damage in Wilmington

Living in Wilmington, homeowners are typically prepared for a flood and understand that flooding is America's most common natural disaster. Chances are you have an emergency kit and a plan for when a disaster strikes. Often people are prepared for when a flood hits but do not always consider the aftermath of the flood and the implications to your home.

Flood damage in your Wilmington home following a natural disaster is common and requires immediate attention. Often the floodwater recedes so there is not a need for pumping out water and large-scale extraction but the water left can be contaminated and even carrying dangerous microbes with bacteria or viruses. It is crucial to clean up properly after a flood and be mindful of potential hazards

SERVPRO technicians comply with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards to ensure the safety of residents and their own safety. This means that the lead technician or project manager inspects for hazards before work in your home begins. They identify hazards such as damaged ceilings that could collapse, slipping hazards, electrical dangers, clearly contaminated water, and other things that may pose safety issues.

SERVPRO flood damage restoration technicians have a hierarchical system for determining the plan for avoiding the hazard. The first thing they decide is if they can get rid of or eliminate the hazard, or can they substitute something else in its place. Second, they decide if they may need to engineer a structure or path within the work environment to avoid the situation and limit the exposure to risk.

Third, they decide if they can accomplish the through administrative means, meaning workers may be trained to do something differently. As a last resort, technicians wear personal protective gear (PPE) to protect themselves from potential hazards. However, this is typically the last resort when it comes to hazardous conditions after a flood.

Contact SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere (General Contractor: 1992104829) at (302) 992-0104 for 24/7 assistance after a flood or any other disaster. We make it "Like it never even happened."

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Winning Strategies for Flood Damage Remediation in Wilmington

2/19/2020 (Permalink)

White lab sitting on SERVPRO floor mat Blu and SERVPRO are always ready to take your call.

How to Cope with Flood Damage in Your Wilmington Residence

When flooding occurs, it can disrupt your typical day-to-day life and lead to emotional distress. Floodwater is rarely palatable and pure. The murky pools hold much filth, including staining sediments and hazardous bacteria.

If you do not handle the flood damage in your Wilmington residence promptly, its long-term effects can lead to expensive repairs and health problems for you and your family. Floodwater can ruin building materials and household items such as carpets, hardwood floors, and upholstery. When faced with such a disaster, please seek professional help to ensure your home's restoration to its pre-damaged state. A licensed and experienced restoration company like SERVPRO can quickly handle the situation.

Our team can evaluate whether it is possible to decontaminate and restore affected structures and contents, or whether we should remove and replace them. We decide to either replace or repair affected items based on several factors, including:

  • The pretest results
  • The nature of contamination
  • The porosity of the material

Our team can demolish unsalvageable materials like contaminated carpet and pad, drywall, wood trim, door trim, and window trim. We provide a full flood damage cleanup and restoration service working diligently to deal with all the problems that flooding causes. We can remove debris, silt, and other substances that floodwaters may have brought into your home. Preventing further damage is our focus, and our experienced staff ensures efficient and smooth completion of the restoration process.

Excess water in your house can cause significant destruction, including mold growth, gas, and electrical hazards, and water staining. We can extract the water using electrical submersible pumps. After getting rid of all the floodwater, our team can dry out your home to ensure we have removed all moisture from walls, ceilings, and floors to avoid mold growth.

We can also perform exterior cleaning because floodwaters can also wreak havoc outdoors. For instance, filth can coat or stain the exterior of your house. Our SERVPRO team can use brooms, rakes, and pressure washing equipment to remove the grime. Like other products we use indoors, our outdoor solutions are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and biodegradable. These products are an excellent way to clean your home without ruining building materials or the environment.

After experiencing flood damage, you need prompt, professional help. SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere can help you clean up your home. Contact us 24/7 at (302) 992-0104 for efficient flood restoration services.

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Be Prepared for Severe Storms in the Wilmington Area--Call SERVPRO for Advice or Service

12/18/2019 (Permalink)

encapsulated crawlspace, poly sheeting SERVPRO Says to Protect Wilmington Crawlspaces from Storms and Flooding with Encapsulation

Fixing and Preventing Wind Storm Damage in Wilmington

Each year in the United States, at least 867,000 people are affected by thunderstorms. Lightning alone accounts for at least 300 injuries per year. Globally, 16 million thunderstorms occur each year, and at least 2,000 storms are causing damages and injuries at any given time. Not only are severe storms and related damages stressful for homeowners to endure, but repairs can be costly and lead to long-term damages from mold and bacteria without professional cleanup. Is your number up?

If your Wilmington home has offered storm and flood damage, IICRC-certified SERVPRO technicians are always available to return your home to a preloss condition whenever possible. These technicians use EPA-registered antimicrobials along with a bevy of cutting-edge technologies to safely clean and repair structures. This SERVPRO also has a contracting license for general, residential, and commercial purposes (#1992104829), so you can have your residence fixed even more quickly by a professional, well-rounded team.

Storm-Proofing Your Windows
?    Window replacements. Consider replacing your current windows with heavy-duty ones that have built-in wind resistance. Many modern windows are crafted from shatter-resistant glass that can lower energy costs and improve insulation.
?    Hurricane film. This quick, low-maintenance storm prevention option can stay in place all year long. Hurricane film also protects against UV rays. If debris or other circumstances break your windows, this film can also prevent glass shards from entering your property. However, hurricane film cannot prevent the displaced window frames.
?    Storm shutters. One of the primary causes of damaged windows is high-speed winds from storms. These winds can fling debris, hail, and many other items at high speeds that can cause considerable damage to structures. However, storm shutters offer adequate protection against such occurrences.

How SERVPRO Restores Your Home
If leakage from a displaced window frame or loose window seal is affecting your walls and hardwood floors, SERVPRO technicians have a variety of extraction tools available to prepare the area for drying. For small-scale damages, floorboards can be dried and replaced as necessary depending on their condition. Small holes may be drilled in walls to encourage ventilation, which is especially beneficial for drying insulation that has been affected by water. Technicians may erect polyethylene chambers to facilitate drying in a more contained space.

SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere strives to leave your home looking, "Like it never even happened." For lightning-fast disaster cleanup 24/7, call (302) 992-0104.

We Discuss How To Prevent Storm Damage To Your Wilmington Crawlspace With Encapsulation

11/23/2019 (Permalink)

Crawlspace after storm damage Give our SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere team a call for an estimate and assessment at (302) 992-0104.

Preventing Storm Damage with Wilmington Crawlspace Encapsulation

Direct care of the crawlspace beneath a Wilmington home can help to reduce and even prevent loss and damage after severe weather events take place. Even contending with excessive groundwater that can become an issue after a steady rain, encapsulation provides a means of protecting the crawlspace from immediate damages and preventing the migration of hazardous and harmful effects to the living space above this open area.

Preventing a flood in Wilmington crawlspaces begins with having the right installed barriers and protective measures. Our SERVPRO team can assess the needs of your crawlspace in this regard by speaking with the homeowner and getting underneath your home to directly examine the affected areas.

Encapsulation hinges on the installation and application of thick 6 mil lay-flat poly sheeting. This material is the same used by our professionals to contain a damaged area for more efficient and effective drying or recovery. In this sense, the sheeting gets installed along the ground, and in many cases, the walls of the crawlspace and even along the floor joists above this area. The plastic sheeting is moisture resistant, keeping any groundwater or flooding from seeping through it.

Water diversion equipment can also help you to do even more to combat groundwater and the destructive flooding after severe weather events. With the installation of devices like sump pumps, our SERVPRO team can redirect water flow from this crawlspace area out to a drainage area a safe distance from your household.

Preventing moisture in this space beneath the main floor of your house reduces the threat of microbial and fungal growth. Preventing colonization of mold spores can also help to reduce any airborne health effects that come with exposure to these colonies when they affect subflooring and supports underneath the floor of your first level.

Knowing what to expect with crawlspace encapsulation can help homeowners to appreciate how they can better protect their properties commonly affected by flooding and storm damage. Give our SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere team a call for an estimate and assessment at (302) 992-0104.

For more about Wilmington click here.

Safe Cleaning & Rebuilding After Flood Damage to a Wilmington Home

10/17/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment on the floor in a room. Let SERVPRO show you the safe way to clean your Wilmington flood damage.

We know safety when it comes to your Wilmington home flood damage. 

Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States today, and homeowners near the Delaware River are familiar with the risks that living near bodies of water can present. However, it is just as important to be vigilant about the effects of flooding after cleanup: after all, this type of disaster creates an environment where microbes and bacteria can thrive.

If stormy weather or river swells cause flood damage in your Wilmington residence, certified SERVPRO technicians are prepared to come to your property at a moment's notice to mitigate damage and return your home to a clean, safe condition. Not only are these professionals available 24 hours a day, but they can also use sophisticated tools and equipment to sanitize your home after flooding occurs. 

Floods can pose many risks to homeowners besides the development of mold. Floodwater often contains microbes, sewage, and other contaminants that can be unsafe for any resident. With this in mind, SERVPRO gets straight to work cleaning your home. Structures can be power washed as needed. Spaces in wall cavities and beneath floors and subfloors may need water removed with the aid of back-mounted or truck-mounted extractors, depending on the severity of the flood. Disinfection, a step often handled after drying in clean water disasters, must be done first in a flood situation. Sanitizing the area before drying it also prevents the spread of microbes and contaminants in the air. 

Once items have been cleaned in your home, SERVPRO can use centrifugal air movers and industrial-grade dehumidifiers that kill microbes and odors. Porous items, like carpet and pad, must be disposed of at the discretion of supervisors and insurance adjusters to minimize risk to homeowners. After removing water, disinfecting and drying your home, SERVPRO can do more than recommend a professional for home restoration. This team possesses a general contractor license (#1992104829) and can work with you to restore your home even more extensively after flood cleanup.

SERVPRO of Hockessin/Elsmere is dedicated to providing the community with service that leaves your home looking, "Like it never even happened." Call (302) 992-0104 today if you have a disaster that needs lightning-fast professional cleanup that begins within hours.

If you would like to know more about Wilmington, click here.

Storms Can Bring Down Trees

6/13/2019 (Permalink)

Trees Down After a Storm

Spring & Summer Storms Can Cause Damage to Your Home

Did you know thunderstorms cause a whooping $15 billion in property damage, in the U.S. annually? There are about 100,000 thunderstorms each year in the U.S.  Fun Fact: Worldwide there are an estimated 16 million thunderstorms each year, and approximately 2,000 thunderstorms in progress in any given moment.  ( While most thunderstorms can be less severe, some can be destructive and frightening. You should know the safest part in your home to go to during an event such as the basement or in area away from windows.  An emergency list or kit should be readily available.  These things should include: flashlights, extra batteries, weather radio, canned/dry goods, don’t forget the pets, can opener, bottled water, first aid kit, blankets, extra clothing, prescriptions etc.  Your important ID’s, should be in a safe place you are able to access if needed.  Maintaining your home properly always is a plus.   Tree limbs that are overgrown should be trimmed; roofs may need repairing from the harsh winter.  These small maintenance upkeeps may help during such an event.  Sometimes under the right conditions, rainfall can cause flash flooding. A lot of times you may have “no” or “limited coverage” coverage on your homeowners’ insurance.   Flooding is a common claim we take care of here at SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere. If you sustain water damage after a storm we are here to help. 302 992 0104

Storm Safety

1/8/2019 (Permalink)


Once again, we here in the Hockessin / Elsmere area will be dealing with potent storms this winter season. Dealing with rain, snow and sleet storms usually we can expect them to bring along flash flooding and unload some heavy rain and snow upon us. Some simple tips to do and precautions to take can often times help us be safer. Make sure your gutters are clear and free of debris, allowing water to properly flow.  Make sure outdoor furniture is put away or secured keeping it from blowing. Your outdoor hoses should be disconnected and turned off to help from freezing. Sump pumps in lower levels of the home should be checked to see if they are working properly and if they have a battery backup. If you are a person who lights candles during storms, be sure to practice candle safety as well. We here at SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere care about your well-being.

Helpful Snow Storm Tips

12/18/2018 (Permalink)

Making an Outdoor Grill in the Snow

Although winter season is not officially here it sure does feel like it! By taking some preventative measures, it may help reduce damage if a snow storm hits. There are many helpful tips you can find and may already know. SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere has some tips to keep in mind as this cold weather is here are:

  1. Make sure all outdoor furniture is secured or the tarps you may have wrapped them with are snug
  2. Secure any decorative flags, wreaths or any loose fencing from being blown away
  3. Make sure your yard is free of small branches from being a flying projectile
  4. Have salt ready to help melt your sidewalks or your snow blower easily accessible
  5. Make sure you have windows securely closed and proper insulation around within your home
  6. Know the proper safety uses for operating a generator or grills. Improper use can cause carbon monoxide poisoning or start fires
  7. Keep extra batteries, candles and blankets handy
  8. Pay attention to local news alerts for safety information

It's a dirty job - but SERVPRO can do it!

11/21/2018 (Permalink)

It's a dirty job - but SERVPRO can do it!

Storms with tremendous amounts of rain with a long duration can cause an array of issues. One thing that may happen is the water table remains high and there is nowhere for the water to go. The water table simply is when water seeps into the ground and moves downward into the ground until it is no longer permeable. When the ground cannot any longer hold water, it means it is saturated. The upper surface of the zone of saturation is called the water table. When this happens, the water has to go somewhere. Sometimes it can back up sewer systems and cause the water to back flow into homes and buildings. It can be an awful experience as the sewage is just not from your home but from the street’s as well. The raw sewage and odor are very unpleasant. This picture is an example of this situation described above. It is dirty job but SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere can do it.

Tree through Window During Windy Storm

11/6/2018 (Permalink)

Tree Through Window During a Wind Storm

Storms not only have to come in the form of flooding and heavy rains to seriously affect your home. Storms can come in the form of high winds ripping off roofs that can cause damage. High winds can also knock down power lines causing power to go out. Power lines can also get ripped down that may cause a surge within your home and cause a fire. Here is a photo of a house where a tree branch went through a window. You can see the glass all over the floor and parts of the tree branches within the glass. The home sustained broken windows, minor clean up and content damage and some wall painting and repair. Luckily the homeowner and his pet were out of harms way and were safe. SERVPRO of Hockessin / Elsmere was happy to help.

Storm Information

9/10/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO rain gauge

In the past few days our area has and still is experiencing quite an amount of rainfall. We took a look at our water meter and WHOA! Our Newport area has received so much water. The water comes down so fast in such a short period of time. Due to areas being dry this time of year, a lot of water absorbed in the ground. There are some areas though that are in the lower elevation parts and are receiving a lot water intrusion.  When following the weather you can prepare somewhat by making sure all your sump pumps are properly functioning. During the weather event you should sporadically monitor your basement and or crawlspace.  Preparing is essential because you can possibly correct an issue to prevent damage before it happens.  Monitoring is important too because you can be on top of what is occurring in your home.

Spring Can Not Come Soon Enough

9/1/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Devastation

Major snow and high winds event that occurred at the very beginning of March caught everyone off guard. With temperatures in February reaching almost 70 degrees on a couple days, no one would have ever imagined the devastation to come. After over 24 hours of high winds reaching over 50 mph this customers’ home was left almost unlivable. The large tree that fell destroyed a car and left a huge hole in the roof. Our SERVPRO ofHockessin/Elsmere crew was called by the customers’ insurance company and we were out within the hour. We were able to place a tarp on the roof to cover the large holes insuring that no further damage would occur until the roof could get fully repaired. The homeowner was amazed at what SERVPRO was capable of doing. We are always here to help, and committed to our community.

Storm Down Pours Area

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

Tree falls on home

Storms often blow through our area leaving small impact on many people.  Storms also come through our area leaving a lot of damage. Storms can leave behind quite a mess sometimes.  SERVPRO of Hockessin knows how to help the people that are affected by the storms.  In this case a tree fell on a home.  Luckily no one was severely injured.  The tree came crashing down in the middle of the night and went into the bedrooms.  The tree broke windows and smashed part of the roof.  The inside of the home sustained water damage.  Walls crumbled in some areas as well.  We were able to help this customer get the damages taken care of and clean up the mess left behind by the tree. 

Winterize Your Vehicle

1/8/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck ready for the winter weather.

Preparing for extreme cold weather is not only important for your home but also your car. Your vehicle functions in rain, snow, ice, hail, salted roads, and freezing temperatures. It is important to make sure your vehicle is properly equipped to handle all of the winter weather elements. 

Before the winter weather has begun, you should have your car checked by a mechanic for antifreeze, brakes, tires, windshield wipers, heater, defroster, etc. While using your car throughout the winter, it is best to keep your gas tank at least half full. Salting and sanding your driveway or road is helpful for minimizing ice and increasing traction.

An emergency kit for your car is essential when preparing for the winter's extreme weather. Your vehicles emergency kit should include the following:

  • Jumper Cables
  • Ice Scraper
  • Flares or reflective triangle
  • Car cellphone charger
  • Sand for better traction
  • Extra Blanket

Christmas Party During a Snow Storm!

12/19/2017 (Permalink)

Christmas Party in the Snow

SERVPRO's 2017 Christmas party was a hit! The colder weather brings on a busy amount of business for our SERVPRO team. With such hectic and long  hours, we were happy to be able to find the time to fit in a great Christmas party this year. Our holiday party just happened to be thrown on our first big snow storm of the winter. 

Here is a photo captured early on in this snow storm and in the Christmas party. Such stormy weather ended up being the perfect opportunity for a bonfire, a few snow ball fights, and some holiday fun! Earlier that day we had delivered cookies and pretzels to a few offices around the Hockessin/Elsmere area. We are happy to spread the holiday spirit and what better way than in the snow!

Ready to Move Back In!

11/22/2017 (Permalink)

A recent storm in the Elsmere area took out some of a household's roof and siding. The brutal storm opened up the home to the rain and winds, which then damaged much of this families belongings inside the house. SERVPRO came in and removed all the damaged contents from the home and dried the water damaged areas of the structure. We detail cleaned all the items that were salvageable from the home and stored them for the homeowners. We even use our own storage units to ensure the security of the household's belongings and keep them under our care throughout the whole rebuilding process. Now that the home is completely restored and in livable condition, we have packaged up all of their contents and are delivering them back to the house.

Windy Storm

11/7/2017 (Permalink)

A storm does not need to come in only the form of rain and flooding to seriously affect your home. Here is a photo of the flooring that had to be ripped up from a home after an extremely windy storm. Strong winds caused a tree branch to come down and puncture the siding to the house. Later that night, it started to rain heavily and eventually flooded the first floor, ruining a large section of the hardwood floors. Along with some belongings wrapped up in black plastic bags, you can see the amount of floor panels that had to be removed before we started our drying process throughout the home. Luckily this storm only affected a portion of the home rather than the entire property.

Storm Surge

10/13/2017 (Permalink)

Hurricane Damage

Storm Surge- the rising of the sea level due to a storm causing pressure in the atmosphere to change and winds to accelerate. 

During a hurricane, the Storm Surge is what causes the most damage. Storm surges or the water that floods the land during a hurricane, is the most dangerous weather factor during a hurricane storm.

Hurricane winds can easily reach two hundred miles per hour. Winds that reach such dangerously high speeds are another huge cause of the damage that a hurricane inflicts on an area. Buildings can be ripped open and even down, trees are likely to damage properties, and items left out and unsecured become dangerous.

Heavy rain fall can cause flooding and water damage to homes. Cars are often flooded on the streets and in driveways due to extreme rain fall and flooding. Roads are commonly closed off and unable to be driven on during a Hurricane. 

Hurricane Harvey

9/12/2017 (Permalink)

Helping Texas

As a Disaster Recovery Team and National partners with American Red Cross, SERVPROs from all over have traveled to Texas and helped those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. SERVPRO is working twenty-four-seven in restoring the communities that have had significant damage since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. We are proud to be helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey return to their homes and rebuild their communities.

On the tail end of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma came in strong with vengeance in the state of Florida.  She whirled through and came in strong.  As a result, it activated more SERVPRO Storm teams to come in the devastated areas. 

SERVPRO'S from all over the country came to aid to most of these areas.  We have been working tirelessly around the clock to help those in need. 

We love what we do.

SERVPRO to the Rescue in LA

4/25/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO to the rescue in LA

SERVPRO'S from all surrounding areas head in from all over to help the victims.  SERVPRO is a team oriented company that has compassion for everything we do, and everyone we help.  When another area of the country is impacted with a storm or tragedy we can call upon our fellow teammates to come in and help.  Sometimes due to the area being affected it may require out of state SERVPRO's to respond in a time of need.  In this specific case, SERVPRO's from North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware among other states reported in to help the victims of this disaster that struck among them.  After all was said and done, all the help of these surrounding SERVPRO's were able to team up together and restore this broken community. 

SERVPRO'S are Here to Help

4/25/2017 (Permalink)

Here to Help

SERVPRO'S from all surrounding areas head in from all over to help the victims.  SERVPRO is a team oriented company that has compassion for everything we do, and everyone we help.  When another area of the country is impacted with a storm or tragedy we can call upon our fellow teammates to come in and help.  Sometimes due to the area being affected it may require out of state SERVPRO's to respond in a time of need.  In this specific case, SERVPRO's from North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware among other states reported in to help the victims of this disaster that struck among them.  After all was said and done, all the help of these surrounding SERVPRO's were able to team up together and restore this broken community.