Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Cubicle Wall Cleaning

In this scenario this place of business had several cubicles that were white in color. White in any fabric or carpeting can be challenging to keep white and f... READ MORE

Dirty Ducts in Commercial Building

These two photos show the results of our duct cleaning services. A local school called us to inspect their ducts for dirt and dust. Sometimes, when buildings ar... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning in Cold Weather

These two photos show the results of our carpet cleaning. With such cold weather, the drying process after our carpet cleaning must be quick. This carpet has ov... READ MORE

SERVPRO in a Utility Room

This utility room is located in the back of a very large complex that had extremely old plumbing. The weather changes going into the winter can damage old pipes... READ MORE

Flooded Hallways

This large building in Hockessin suffered from an extreme flood and water damage after a water line broke. Here is just one of the hallways that was affected by... READ MORE

Office Building Water Damage

This office building was suffering a water damage after having a pipe burst in their ceiling. SERVPRO was able to remove the debris that the pipe had brought do... READ MORE

Stairwell Carpet Cleaning

Here is a stairwell in an apartment complex of Wilmington, DE that has years of dirt and damage. Dirt works into the carpet fibers as people walk within the com... READ MORE

Water Damage

The first picture shows a gym floor that was saturated. The second picture shows a SERVPRO of Hockessin technician wrapping up the equipment after we saved the... READ MORE

Water Migration on floor

The place of business sustained a water damage throughout. The water migrated to the lobby and wicked up the walls. They were so worried that all the walls wer... READ MORE